Clayton Trojans Percussion


Ages 7-14

We have partnered with the Clayton Trojans youth football team, to create drum line for their football season. The Clayton Trojan Percussion plays in all Trojan football games and various events! 

Infinite Summer Drum Camp

Infinite Summer Drum Camp.jpg


Ages 7-18

Infinite Summer Drum Camp teaches adolescents ages 7-18 the fundamentals of music theory, percussive arts, and movement. The program is centered around percussive performance in the form of a Drum line, modeled after high school and college marching bands. Infinist Drums offers lessons in reading, playing, and performing original music and features bonus online content exclusively for our Infinite Drummers. Students will have access to step-by-step breakdowns of rudiments and warm-ups. Our music classes will lay the foundation for young minds interested in music, rhythm, and drums. 

Making A Difference


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