2018 Winton Woods Rams Untouchable Druml

Rodriquez "Dreek" Stephens

President/Executive Director

Dreek Stephens is a business owner and

community activist. He is a
proud husband and family man. He is from

Atlanta, Ga and attended Banneker High School. Dreek Stephens received a music scholarship and attended

Alabama State University.
Mr. Stephens was an Assistant Band Director, from 2005-2008 at Avondale High
School in Avondale Estates, Ga.

He founded A Child’s D.R.U.M.S. in 2016. Because
he wanted to share with the children of the community the gift he received as a child,
that gave him a better path in life; Music!

Neenah Harris

Program Director

Neenah Harris is a California native with over 15 years of experience in the percussive arts. She has performed with over 30 ensembles across the nation and has been teaching for over 10 years. Miss Harris has extensive experience with teaching music fundamentals and composing indoor and outdoor marching band field shows. She has worked with world renowned groups such as RCC and Pulse Percussion where she has been mentored by well known directors and instructors in the industry. Miss Harris combines her passion for composing music and teaching with her commitment to giving back the knowledge of opportunity and an outlet for creativity to our youth.


Matthew "Joe" White

Board Advisor

Joe White has been teaching within the communities since 1996. Home for the summer from Alabama State University, Joe White went back to his old community group in which he learned to play drums and began to teach his once peers, college level standards and cadences. After his return to Alabama State in the fall, Joe White desired to continue to teach, so he volunteered his time at Sidney Lanier High School and Carver High School in Montgomery Al. In 1999 Joe White went back to Cincinnati and began working with numerous community drumlines such as, Queen City Sound, The Spirit of Cincinnati, The Dream Team and 3 Square Music Foundation in partnership with the Bucket Boys. In 2006 Joe White moved to Chicago where he taught the Generation Drumline. After living in Chicago for several years, Joe White returned Home to Cincinnati where he immediately jumped back into the community and started to teach The Cincinnati Yellow Jackets. After a disagreement with the Director of the Yellow Jackets, Joe White was told "if you don't like it, start your own group." Joe White did just that! Creating Cincinnati Incomparable Allstars Drill Team and Black Ops Percussion Section!